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May 18, 2011
So my coop has a run on the side and beneath. I have been moving the water and food out in the morning and back in in the evening. I am wondering if I really need to do this. I like to put them in the coop with the door closed because of the coons. (btw do opossums kill chickens too or just hawks and coons?). I guess I am wondering if the food and water can stay out side in the night where they cant get to it or should I keep moving it.
How old are your chicks? My chickens have no water in the coop.They have access all day long until they go in.Sometimes if it's going to be hot all night I'll put the waterer in the coop but mostly no.I do leave food 24/7. I got tired of the water getting slopped onto the floor of the coop whenever they got riled up or pushy so I decided to only give it outside.They lay very well and it doesn't seem to bother them at all.JMO
ETA: Just realized your other question...the answer is...EVERYTHING KILLS CHICKENS. To name a few....Raccoons,hawks,owls,fox,coyote,dogs,cats,cougar,martens,possum,eagles, get the point

If you leave the food are inviting rodents and predators to your chickens space...I would suggest leaving it IN the coop.
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I am planning on having a raised coop with run extending underneath and on the sides. I am going to use the nipple waterers on the inside as well as in the run. I don't think I would leave the food outside at night... to attractive to predators (why advertise?) If hungry enough, anything will kill a chicken.
No you don't need to. They don't eat at night anyways unless you have a light on & they are awake moving around because of it.
Thanks for your responses. To answer the chickens are about 8 weeks old. Ok so everything will eat them. Got it! I will move the food inside. They make a big mess with the water I guess I will just leave that.
Thanks again.

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