Do I need an Easter Egger Roo?

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    Nov 17, 2010
    I love my EE girls for all the eggs they lay, rain or shine, cold or hot and I want to keep raising some so that I always have good egg production from them. My question is does a EE hen + ? rooster = EE chick? (Sorry, that looks a lot like algebra.) But, could I have, for example, a buff orp rooster breed with EE hens and still get EE offspring? Do I specifically need a EE roo? I mean, if they are mixes anyway, what roo can I "mix" in that will still give me some consistency.

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    You can have any kind of roo that you want to. It doesn't matter what breed. If it is eggs you most want, just go with a good layer breed.
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    You could get a blue egg gene like an americauna roo to intensify the blues and greens of your EEs or a dark egg layer roo like a marans or welsummer to bring out olives in your blue or green EEs egg or make your browns darker.
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    I was wondering the same thing, and from what I have read here , yes you can mix any roo and they are still EE's. I bred my EE to BLRW roo and hatched out 3 that look just like EE's, but none of them have green or slate legs, they are yellow, but I hear that don't matter, they still carry the gene. I am waiting to see what color the eggs will be. I got I think 2 pullets and 1 roo out of the bunch, really pretty birds. Now I don't know about if you have an EE roo and breed it to a pure breed hen of some sort, what would it be then?
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    if you like the blue eggs, using a brown roo is going to give you green egg shells. if you want to stick with blue egg shells, use a white egg roo but this will lighten your blue eggs. darker blue eggs not too sure on this one but maybe aracona or americana to stay blue.
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    Any roo will work, but if you're looking to keep the green/blue eggs you'll be better off going with an EE roo or one of the purebred blue egg laying breeds. I have three RIRXEE pullets and while two of them have the slate eggs and beards/muffs they all lay brown eggs. They still have the lovely EE personality though and are good layers, just not the nice seafoam and olive eggs that their momma's lay.
  7. freezefamilyfarm

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    Nov 17, 2010
    We bought the EE flock from an acquaintance but the 2 roos were very aggressive. Many of the hens had missing feathers. So those two roos became stew, well actually they are still in the freezer, but anyway I hate to add more Roos than I have to. We have to rotate as it is for free ranging- so more would make it that much more difficult! Thanks for the advice. Right now we have a Cuckoo Marans Roo and a BO roo. We also have one b/w EE pullet or cockerel. It is yet to be determined.
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    Nov 9, 2010
    Quote:i was in the vary same prediciment! i crossed a Buff Orpington rooster with my EEs and got some wonderful chickens. as far as egg color you may or may not get F1 green egg layers. i have had ?rooster plus EE hen and got brown egg layers and green egg layers both. if you use a Buff Orpington male, your F1s will have pale legs. heres a cross between a BO roo and a White EE hen:[​IMG]and heres his half sister by the same father:[​IMG]and heres her EE mother:[​IMG]heres some more by the same father and mother:[​IMG][​IMG]
    In the spring I plan on crossing the columbianish rooster back to my EE hens.
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    Nov 6, 2009
    Well I think you need one of my little barred EE roos. I have 3. I just don't want them to be eatten, so going to rehome them.

    They're going to be pretty boys too.

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