Do I need to add light to make them start laying?


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Oct 5, 2012
I have 2 girl that were hatched April 15th (one is a golden sex-link, and the other is a Barred Rock), I also have a RIR that was hatched April 1st. My RIR has been laying for at least a month now, and the other 2 have not started laying. Do I need to add light to their coop to get the other 2 to start laying? I really wasn't wanting to add artificial light during the winter, but I really don't want to wait till spring for these other 2 girls to get started...any advice? Do you think they will start laying during the winter without the light?
Thanks so much!!

Fred's Hens

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Well, without engaging the whole light vs no light thing, why not just try a little extra. Often, it is enough to "kick them in gear" so to speak. Just put a 13 watt mini flor on a timer and have it come on at say, 6 am and go off at 8 am. Those two additional hours might just be enough to do the trick.

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