Do I need to add on?

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    Howdy All,
    I'm an undercover chicken owner (by country rules, I'm ok; deed restrictions ok with horses but not chickens [​IMG] ). I currently have 3 fat and happy 2 yr old hens. RSL, BO and BSL. DD will be adding 4 more: 2 EE, 1 Delaware, 1 BR. We'll be getting them as day old chicks next week, and will keep them in the garage until 6 wks old or fully feathered.

    I'm in Texas and have a warm weather style coop. In summer, it is a 3 sider; in winter, I add a sliding front which remains open just enough to allow them in/out. The coop is 3 feet wide, 4 feet tall inside, and 6 feet long, contains 2 nest boxes, and a 6 foot long roost bar. My run is 10X10 (x4ft tall), fully enclosed, predator proof wire top covered by a tarp for weather/sun protection. My hens are almost NEVER in the coop, except to lay eggs and roost. The only time they've stayed inside in daytime was during a major hail storm with 50mph winds. My run, therefore will be over sized, even for the 7 chickens, but my coop is obviously too small.

    My question is: Should I add on, or will I be ok since they are hardly ever inside? Note: I cannot freerange due to high prey drive dogs and neighborhood rules, so the birds are in the coop/run at all times. Any thoughts?

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    Bigger is better!!! I've learned & Howdy I'm in Texas as well chickens start bad habits when not giving enough space. My first coop is 8x10 with 10 x 15 run & houses 11 RIR"S. My feeling are that its not enough space. I'm gonna add to the run. I just finished my second coop which will house 25 RIR's its three sided & measures 330 sq feet. This should work. Heres a pic of new coop its kinda hard to see because its big.[​IMG]
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    Quote:IF they are realio trulio never inside except to lay and sleep, then you will likely be fine as long as there are no excessive social tensions. 6' of roost is plenty for 7 chickens.

    Although obviously adding on would be better [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,

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    I didn't even read this.

    The answer is always GO BIGGER!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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