Do I need to close up my hens at night with the coop / enclosure I have?

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  1. hypersquirrels

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    Jun 8, 2016
    First time owner here of two girls :) I wanted to know if its necessary to close their coop door with the setup I have bought / extended. I will preface it and say we do have a lot of raccoons but I have built their enclosure with that in mind. I have the proper hardware cloth wire, I have buried the wire with an apron effect. The raccoons do attempt to dig at night but once they hit that wire they stop. Here are some pics:




    I just don't know if by leaving that coop door open if it'll entice the raccoons more to try and get in. As of right now either me or my wife will close that sliding door on the coop at night and open it in the morning.

    So what do you think? Given that the coop is in the enclosure do I need to still close that coop door or should I just leave it open and let the hens go in and out as they please.
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    i think it's best just to shut the door at night, chickens don't go out at night anyway. [​IMG]
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    Oct 5, 2015

    rebel chickens, those that are a bad influence like to break curfew..........

    seriously, I'd shut the door, and not take the chance......

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