Do I need to modify this coop?

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    I purchased this coop:

    plan to have 3 pullets and a 52 sq ft stationary run.

    Do I need to do anything else for ventilation or predator protection to this type of premade coop? The back flap is where the ventilation is, but I also ordered the wire-over-window option so that I can open the windows if necessary. I plan to latch the chicken door after the chickens are in the coop at night. I am wondering if I also need to put wire around the bottom of the coop to keep out predators. I don't see how they'd get in, but I've see photos of people with wire around the bottoms of the coop, so I thought I better ask.

    As far as predators in my area goes, we got a lot of critters that want to eat chickens: stray dogs, weasels, minx, hawks, fox, etc.

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    Mar 9, 2011
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    Very nice coop!

    As long as the bottom of the coop is solid I don't think you need to add wire. I know with a coop this size a lot of people fence in the space underneath as additional run space, then I would probably add a wire apron outside the run.

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