Do I need to move the roost up?

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  1. aim0474

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    Aug 23, 2016
    I have a small pre-fab coop. Inside it has slots for 2 x 4's for a roost over a tray. They had been sleeping on the 2x4, I took the other out until they get bigger and need more room. It also has an attached nesting box which I put a spare piece of plywood up against it to block them from the box. I went to make sure everyone was secure and not "lost" (the little one tends to "lose" the bigger girls and then cries despite the fact the other ones are about 5 feet away) and I found them sleeping on the top edge of the plywood. It didnt fit all the way to the top of the coop and until today they have left it alone.

    I will fix this so they dont hurt themselves but my question is, should I move the 2 x 4 higher? I kind of thought that 4 - 5" up would be high enough but I guess not?

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    I'd replace the roost that you removed. Not sure how young the chicks are, but I've had 6 week olds roosting with momma on roosts 4ft high.
  3. aim0474

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    Aug 23, 2016
    They are only 8 weeks old and take up less than half of 1 roost right now. It gets chilly at night and they dont all have all their big girl feathers yet.

    I was just concerned that maybe the roost I have is to low. I will look at it tomorrow and see what I can do to raise it up. I am limited based on the size and design of the coop but I am handy.

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    their instinct is to roost as high as possible. So, if the plywood is higher, they'll head for that....for now.

    As to moving the roost, how much head space is there? Your birds are littles now, but when they're full grown birds, they'll need well over a foot of head clearance above the roost.

    4-5 inches above the floor isn't much height. But, with some of those pre-fab coops, you have to work with what you have.
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    My Coop
    Pic of inside of coop showing roosts and nests would help.
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    Could you make the image larger or post a link that shows your coop?
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