Do I need to put my chicken down?


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This morning we got a knock at the door, it was one of the neighbors saying that our Rhode Island Red had gotten into their yard and the dog attacked it. I went over and sure enough the chicken was on the ground and clearly hurt but not bleeding, it was still concious, but it was having difficulty moving. I moved it back to the coop carefully and assessed the injuries. Its definitely hurt, and its having a very hard time moving around, its still eating and drinking and such, but it can't move at all. I have no idea where she got hurt at, but It definitely got hurt. What should I do? Do I need to put her down, is she suffering do you think? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the accident. She sounds pretty bad off. I would wait another day or two to see if she gets better. If she doesn't, (sorry to say this) I think it would be better to put her down so she won't suffer. Good luck.
I'm sorry about it too ): I guess chickens aren't known for their survival instincts, I'll see what happens in a day or two. Thanks for the advice.
She is probably suffering, but I don't think that that is a reason to put her down. Animals have an instinct to live, and she may heal on her own if you give her time. As long as she is eating and drinking, she aims to survive, so don't interfere as she tries to get better.
Agree with the above posters. Give her a day or 2 and see what shakes out.

Good luck.
I would bring the bird into the house and place her in a quiet darkened area/box/crate and cover with a towel. Provide vitamin enhanced water only and I wouldn't offer food for about 8-12 hours. Try pinching and touching her feet/legs with a sharp object to test for sensation. If she has no feeling in her feet or legs, she may have a spinal injury. I'd give her a few days in the home hospital.
I put him in a box with some of the wood shavings i use in her own room, put a blanket over her with some water very close by. She seems tired but alert, almost like she may be slipping un-concious, again though she may just be tired. I really hope she'll pull through!

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