Do I need to vacinate my chickens before I eat the eggs??


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Aug 4, 2011
Do I need to vacinate my chickens before I eat the eggs and if so where and how much (price not a worry but wouldn't mind knowing) Also what vaccinations do they need (I've heard about people getting samonella jabs for hens but not sure).
I haven't vaccinated my chickens and we've been eating their eggs for 2 years. I know you can vaccinate for mareks but I've never heard of a salmonella vaccine. if you take good care of your birds and give them a clean inviorment salmonella shouldn't be a problem.
This book has tons of info on chicken diseases.
The chicken health handbook. By Gail Damerow -
Vaccination doesn't have anything to do with your eating the eggs. Vaccine is to prevent your hens from getting chicken disease.

Very unlikely for you to ever get chicken diseases. If you are worried, have your own doctor vaccinate you.

Use some basic sanitation. Don't eat chicken poop (which also means wash your hands after working with the chickens).

There are some digestive types of bacteria in chicken poop which might, or might not, give you a case of the diarrhea. Don't eat chicken poop and you should be safe. Rinse the outside of the eggs before you crack them, to rinse off any possible chicken poop. Back to : don't eat chicken poop.
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Nope, you don't.

Always wash your hands after handling chickens, handling anything the chickens touch, and handling eggs (even store bought eggs) and you'll be in good shape!

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