Do I need to worry about eating these eggs or not?

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    I have one chicken and she roams the yard all day and my dog keeps her company out there. :)

    She is a buff orphington hen, just started laying eggs and I happened to come across the threads about worms and having to administer medicine to the hens 2x a year. And then I saw the picture of the worm in the cracked egg!

    I don't see any wriggly things in her droppings or large white segments. She looks super healthy her feathers are shiny and nice and fluffy, waddles look great.

    Do I need to be worried about eating the eggs or wait until I buy some valbazen and give it to her?

    Also, if albendazole is given to humans, what is the big deal about eating the eggs from giving 1/4 cc to a hen if you don't have children, have no pregant women in the house, or do not plan on getting anyone pregnant? I do not see the harm in eating the eggs.

    Thanks for your help.
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    As long as your hens seem to be acting normal and as long as you haven't seen any worms there is no need to worm them unless you want to. There are certain withdrawal periods for each type of wormer. Even if your hens had worms, as long as you dont see any in the eggs they are fine to eat.

    Finding a worm in an egg is not very common.

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