Do I remove the turning grate on Day 18 of Hatch?


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Oct 6, 2009
I bought an old Marsh RollX at a barn sale. It heated up and the autoturner moved and seemd to work. I pre-heated it and loaded in my eggs, but it did not turn them, so I have been turning them by hand. I researched to see if I could buy a new turning motor and discovered I could, but also discovered that there were different grate sizes for different eggs. So now in looking at the grate, when my chicks hatch they are going to fall down between the slates of the turning grate. The turning grate looks like I can just take the eggs out and then lift it out and there is metal mesh under it--then load my eggs back onto the metal mesh. So is that what is nornally done in an autoturner? Or is that maybe why it is not turning my eggs that I have the wrong egg turning grate installed in it??

Also--how many days do the chicks stay in the incubator before they should be moved to a brooder box?
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