Do mail order eggs take longer to hatch?


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May 15, 2008
Central Wisconsin
I've had two broodies on clutches for 21 days. Our backyard chicken eggs under one broody have almost all hatched - started yesterday. The mail order chicks under the other broody haven't started yet. I don't expect the same hatch rate as my backyard eggs, but do they also take a little longer? I'm hoping that's the case.......


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Feb 3, 2007
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Well, my Speckled Sussex were shipped eggs and they began pipping just before Day 20. The Orpingtons seem to take the full 21 days, up to 22, usually. One exception, strangely enough, was a Blue Orpington from my own flock that my Buff Orp broody just hatched. He/she hatched on Day 20, but usually, all my Orps take at least the full 21 days.

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