Do new birds always = sick?


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
Newnan Ga
I have bought birds three times now. Every time at least one of the newbies gets some kind of sickness. The last time the sick bird nearly died and was in quarantine for two months. Now I get a pair of Hamburgs and the roo is purring and coughing. WTC? Now I have the joy of giving Tylan injections to a full grown Roo with spurs who is wild as a hare.

As far as I know there have never been chickens on my property and all the birds have come from established flocks.

From now on I'm getting day olds or hatching my own. This is ridiculous.

Cuban Longtails

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12 Years
Sep 20, 2007
Northeast Texas
No, new birds don't always equal sick birds. You've had a run of bad luck. Sometimes stress of the move (from old home to new) brings illnesses out that weren't expressed before.

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