Do NOT microwave eggs


12 Years
Oct 6, 2010
Bay Area, CA
I want to learn how to make poached eggs. But 3 minutes left the yolk too runny for my taste. So I put it in the microwave for a few seconds. An egg outside the shell WILL blow up disastrously in the microwave. I think we might need a new microwave.

Oh, and I think my husband is losing his hearing. He was sitting three feet away from the microwave when it blew and claims he didn't hear a thing. I was across the kitchen and hit the floor spread eagle fearing it was the big one.
I scramble eggs in the microwave all the time. It's fast and easy as long as you are sure the yoke is broken, and you stir them a couple of'd need to do that anyway for scrambled eggs so maybe that's why is so easy. Yep, until I learned how to do it, I had a couple of explosions too
I think it was a seriously random event. Because it was obviously out of the shell. And I had pierced the yolk. That's how I knew it was too runny for my tastes. There must have been an air pocket in the egg white because that's what was all over the inside of the microwave. There was no yolk. Thankfully.

And since I still had the hot water on the stove, I just tried poaching another egg and went 5 minutes and that was more to my liking.
I use peroxide in a spray bottle to clean splatter cast out of the microwave. It does a great job fizzing proteins out of cracks and crevasses. The very first time I ever used a microwave, many, many years ago, was when I was dog sitting. The meal time directions said to warn the chopped liver in the microwave..... first time using a microwave and the first time ever cleaning exploded beef liver. Gross, gross, gross. Funny my husband is blind to dog vomit. Can not see it but somehow can step over it until I 'find' it.

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