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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by olivesmom, May 5, 2008.

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    May 2, 2008
    Below is a cut and paste from Murrey McMurrey Hatchery. Which advertises on this forum (how I ended up clicking on them). This is what they say about Terramycin:

    This broad-spectrum antibiotic is a shot-gun approach to the problems that can occur during the growing period. Colds, chronic respiratory disease, air sac infection, fowl cholera, and other diseases can be helped if treated early. Terramycin can be used on poultry if they are not laying yet. Dosage 1 tsp. per gallon for maintenance 2 tsp. per gallon for treatment.

    The very first thing they list is COLDS!!! Many of you asked why if I knew better would I think an antibiotic would help. I knew I had read this and then thought did I imagine it ... No it was just not from the forum.

    Anyway, I hope the chicks continue to do alright. I appreciate all the input. I am learning though more than I really hoped to. Yogurt will be added to their diet in the morning and I will take them off the antibiotic in 5 days.

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    Good luck with your little ones Charlotte. I never like to lose one, but it seems that one in every batch just never gets going, sleeps more and more, gets so weak that breathing is hard, and then dies. Sometimes I euthanize, but often I hold out hope a little too long.
    It is good that you finish the antibiotics. Once you start them you should finish. Yogurt is a good idea.
    Hoping the rest of your chick raising experience is smooth sailing and full of laughs!
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    The only reason you would see improvement in a cold using T-mycin is if the animal had a secondary infection. You would see improvement, but it would not be knocking the virus down, simply secondary effects. Though my experience with chickens is limited to the 6 weeks I've had mine, I know from other animals that babies who get colds and are weak or have compromised immunity are susceptible to secondary infections. I am surprised that McMurrey did not specify this...

    I'm glad you went back when you thought about it! Good luck with all your littles [[]]]
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    I am happy that you found what you wanted to read to support what you wanted to do.
  5. Actually, I think she read this first and just assumed it was the proper action to take. I don't think she was backing up her desire to use antibiotics by searching for such a blurb.

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