Do peacocks make good pets?

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Aug 22, 2013
Hi I am very interested in getting a peacock. I live in minnesota and was wondering if they could handle the cold or are they just like chickens when it comes to that. Also do they make good pets? They would have to get along with goats, ducks, and chickens. And for my last question, would it be okay to just get one or do you need multiple.
Thanks Hannah H. :)
Hello Hannah and
, at least to the corner where we All Love Peas!

A good place for you to start might be the Peafowl Stickies - have you looked at them?
They have a lot of basic information about keeping peas:

I will say that peas are very social, and a single pea would probably be lonely!
It depends on what you want in a pet. It would be much better to have 2 than just one. Peas are not generally affectionate and the attention you lavish upon a male chick to get it tame may well result in an aggressive peacock. That is not always the case but how do you tell? They are not as cold hardy as chickens, but with a good shelter they withstand winter fairly well as long as you have the india blue species. For the most part they will ignore the other birds, unless confined with them
The problem I have is that they are all very pretty. And then I just gotta have one that color. I'm sure you know how that goes with chickens, its worse with peas. And they require more space to remain healthy. But they are worth it, just ask anyone who has them.
Most don't like to be touched, but they sure like to know what's going on. They can be very loud (I'm only just experiencing this as my pair are only 1) but I like their sounds. Mine have a shed they use in the winter and I made them a heated roost. Toes freezing is the main concern. Mine did fine up here in Montana. Just be careful if you use a heat lamp...they tend to knock things down and you wouldn't want to burn down your shed!
I do love them! They are neat to just sit and watch. But I do that with my chickens too :) my chickens and peas are separated though because I read here how chickens can make peas sick. But some have all their animals together or even free range them. Are you going to free range or pen them? Peas are really good flyers, so free ranging is a whole other subject I know nothing about.
Pet Peacocks 101. Here is my two cents worth of experience. I live in Ohio and have had Peacocks as pets for as long as I can remember. I only keep 2 or 3 at a time- and only 1 male (thats the key- I think). I bond them with my chickens from the time they are young- raising the chicks together really helps create a co-hesive unit. I have no roosters, so my male is content to be lord of the manor. When I did have a (chicken)rooster, my male would roam , and was eventualy hit by a car.
. I would have to say- that a male bird would probably not be happy by himself, and might be even more inclined to leave, in search of a female. For a while, I had just a couple Peahens, no male with my chickens, and the peahens have wandered off- either looking for a male or seeking nesting area without dogs(possibly, because there wasn't a male in residence to protect them) And yes, they will lay eggs and nest(not fertile ofcourse) even when there is no male around. I've always gotten my birds back, but now put ID bands on their legs(see ID Bands-thread). Since I put a big plexi glass mirror in their pen and offered more high perches, they have'nt left my property.
As for Peafowl and chickens together, the chickens are the "Brains" and the peafowl are the "Brawn" in the relationship. The peacock protects the hens-(both chicken and peas) as if they are all his personal harem. There is medicated feed to prevent "blackhead" disease, which is what many will warn you about. My current male is very kind,(even though I got him as a two year old- and he had never before free ranged!) He sits with me on summer mornings while I have coffee on the patio. He lets me stroke his tale a bit- if he's preoccupied. You can train them with treats, to come when you call. But thats as warm and fuzzy as mine get. They are very curious and social. You may find them spying on you through your windows, sky lights see what your up to. (ofcourse, they may also be looking at their reflection).

The India Blues are pretty Winter-Hardy. They are really similar to wild Turkeys, in habit, food and personality. They walk all day, but fly up high and roost at night. During the summer, mine hang with the chickens, walking around and free ranging. At night when the chickens go into their house to roost, the Peafowl will either roost in the trees over the pen, or on my roof. *** WARNING*** If your neighbor's have a higher roof, or bigger tree's, that's where the Peafowl will go.
. They like to be up high! The key is- offer plenty of HIGH perches- in and outside their pen. Using small sappling tree's for perches works well- since the peacocks feet are bigger.

During the winter- my Peafowl will choose to roost with the chickens in the hen house at night, even though it gets a bit crowded. The outdoor pen has a partially covered peaked roof with high perches. The peafowl will roost out there on the milder winter nights. They may free range a bit in the winter as their legs are longer than a chickens- and they can walk in snow,(if its not too deep).
My Peafowl get along fine with the dogs, cats and chickens,(can't say about goats).
I absolutely love my birds and highly endorse them as pets. The hard part is not getting more! So hard...resist temptation!
Good luck, Molly
Thank you all! And do you think if I let them free range they would go into our woods? It has lots of tall trees and is full of weeds but it also is full of coyotes. Not just single coyotes but small packs of two or three. My neighbors hunt them but they rarely kill any. Do you think that would be a problem? I've never lost a bird tothe coyotes but a lot of my neighbors have, maybe ive just been lucky. I have a 4 foot fence which is where I let my other birds free range during the day but at night I put them in their coops and runs. Would the coyotes be a problem?
Thanks Hannah!
Yes, coyotes woyld be a problem. And yes your peas would probably go into the woods to explore and roost in the trees. I think there is a thread here on free ranging...Zazouse and a couple others here do it, so talk to them. I know Zaz has dogs to protect her flock. I think others free range during the day and pen them at night....they herd them back in:) So you could train them to do that.

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