Do people keep just roosters for pets?


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Jul 28, 2011
So I just sold a bunch of my extra roosters on Craigslist. They guy was really nice, and I had assumed he was going to eat them. After all, why would you pay $ for a bunch of roosters if you're not? When I asked though, he said he didn't usually eat them. So I guess I'm just wondering, do any of you keep a large flock of roosters just as pets?!
I don't, but one of my neighbor just loves roosters crowing. He's got about 10 now, I suppose. Apparently w/o hens around, they are pretty tame and interested in him. You have to admit, they are prettier than the hens usually!

Of course, some folks use the roos for dire purposes other than eating them. Where do you think aggressive roos go? To the cock ring. ....ya know?
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I know, that's exactly what I'm afraid of - he said he'd be glad to buy more in the future, and seemed to be genuine, but I don't want to be naive. He spoke heavily accented English, so I'm hoping where he comes from "we don't usually eat them" means "we only eat the ugly and mean ones." =)

You're right though, they are usually gorgeous, and ours are hand raised so they're tame too. To be honest, if i was rich I'd keep a huge flock of roosters just so I could look at them.
Yes, they'd be terrible in the ring. Next time he wants more, ask him if thats what he does. It occurs mostly (and thankfully not too very often) in Hispanic and Oriental groups. However, it was (and still is) done in parts of Great Britan too. But, they look down on it now.
When I'm a Crazy Old Chicken Lady I fully intend to have lots and lots of roosters. They're pretty and the good ones treat the hens so well, I just love watching my big guy call the girls for treats....he's so proud of himself!

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