Do people keep just roosters for pets?


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Jul 28, 2011
So I just sold a bunch of my extra roosters on Craigslist. They guy was really nice, and I had assumed he was going to eat them. After all, why would you pay $ for a bunch of roosters if you're not? When I asked though, he said he didn't usually eat them. So I guess I'm just wondering, do any of you keep a large flock of roosters just as pets?!
I have 9 roosters and I consider them pets. It would be like eating a dog for me to eat them ***shudder***.

I love them so much!!!!!

He may be trying to build up his flock with some new genetic material. Or maybe he has a predator problem and needs some roos to protect his girls.
I would give almost anything to own roosters for pets (roosters are way prettier than hens in my opinion) but according to city ordinance we can only have hens. We'll be giving our roos to friends. The main reason I wanted roos was so I could work on breeding them and perfecting lines (always interested me). We'll still be doing that but it will be somewhat of a pain since they'll have to have "conjugal visits" elsewhere.

I think there are probably a LOT of people like me out there - who would love to have roos but are simply unable to according to local law.
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We have multiple roosters and I guess we consider them pets because we would not eat them. IWe try to rehome our extras to people who are not going to eat them, and have been fairlly successful giving them away. However, my guess is that your buyer either is selling the feathers of the roosters he bought, or, he's using the roosters for cock fighting. That's why we don't sell anything on Craig's list.
I keep chickens not for meat, eggs, but for the beautiful coloured roosters! I have Japanese Bantams and the roosters are lovely. I have about equal number of roosters as hens.

My friend kept a single pet rooster as a house pet for many years before it died of old age. It even slept with him and his wife in the bed!

The only problem they had with it was it would sometimes attack any visitors that came for dinner!

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