Do roosters join in with the pecking order?


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Mar 18, 2013
Meeker, Colorado
This is my first flock, I have 13... One of my hens went broody this past week... She used to be on the top of the pecking order, but now she is on the bottom! (I guess that makes sense...) anyways, I have noticed the one chicken we "think" is a rooster (that's a long story...) has been the worst at abusing my broody hen we she ventures out of the coop for her daily 10 min break! For some reason I thought it was just the girls that got involved In the pecking order?!?
Nope - roosters join in just like hens! And, contrary to popular belief, they aren't always to top leader! (Though they usually are.)
No problem!

From the roosters point of view a broody hen means that there is one less hen for him to hangout and party with. The King Arthur branch of the study of chicken society will disagree but roosters often make a broody hens' life miserable especially if she becomes unavailable for breeding while sitting. Much better to remove hen, nest box, eggs, and all to an empty and safe pen till the chicks are hatched out and dry.
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O wow I never thought roosters do that, my rooster is a gentlemen both his hens are broody and sitting on eggs he doesn't even peck them when they come out, but all 3 were together when i bought them, thy were 4 months old, their old english game bantam very friendly birds all I can say i love my rooster lol, if i were u i wld replace him or remove her and put her by herself good luck
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