Do roosters try to 'out crow' eachother?

PTA Chicks

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Jan 15, 2012
KZN, South Africa
My neighbour about 2 houses down (acre size properties) starts crowing at about 3am each morning. He's not too loud but we hear him clearly. I don't have a rooster yet but want to get one. Only thing stopping me is the chance that they might both decide to have an early AM crowing competition every morning which will not make me very popular!


Crossing the Road
Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
We have an acre (like each neighbor has). Our chicken coop and neighbor’s coop are at back of yards, maybe 75 ft apart. Neighbor has one rooster, we have 2. Yes, they compete, but not a lot. And the competing they did do has slowed down.

We had to cull 2 Dark Brown leghorn roosters because they would not shut up. We got rid of an EE cockerel that never crowed (we didn’t need him in our flock). Our black Australorp crows more than our Black Jersey Giant, but really not a lot for either of them.

Broody Bist

May 7, 2018
We have 4 Roos and they do it all the time :rolleyes:
And yes, there is a house across the road from us a ways, and their roo has crowing contests with Barney that go on for a while, but usually during the day. The earliest any of our roos crow in the a.m. is about 5:00 or so :idunno
Our neighbors are pretty close by, so we wouldn’t be too popular with a 3 am crower either lol


Jul 3, 2018
Washington State
Ours occasionally have a crowing bout but usually during the day. Our Silkie isn’t fond of early, cold mornings and our Swedish Flower Hen cockerel isn’t a super early riser at least when it is this cold out. So not much crowing before 6-7. Neither of ours is super loud Our coops aren’t that far from the house and I can barely hear them in my bedroom that is on that side of the house.

It really isn’t that big of a deal unless you end up with a really loud rooster that annoys you

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