Do Sizzles do well in a mixed flock?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by MsRiderUp, Nov 5, 2014.

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    I have eight standard size hens (NH Reds, Black Copper Marans, Australorps, etc.). A friend is giving me a few "Sizzles" . I've never seen these before. Are they always bantam sized? Do they do well in a mixed flock, or do other hens tend to pick on them because of their unique feathers? If so, I will re-home.

    Would like a really cute, sweet hen or two for the grand-kids to enjoy, but want something that lays decently also.

    Thanks for any advice from those with more experience!
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    May 6, 2013
    As a general rule, I Keep standard chickens separated from bantams, because bantams are usually bullied in a flock of larger birds.
    and yes, there always bantam sized.
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    Jul 23, 2014
    Our Flock is mostly OEG Bantams with a few larger birds mixed in. We have 8 bantam girls and one bantam roo in the same coop as one EE mixed with Black Sex Link Mutt hen, a Golden Sex Link hen, and an extremely large mutt Roo. They are all getting along great. They are allowed to free range every evening and when we are home on the weekends. Plus the coop and run they are kept in are larger than recommended for the number of birds and that gives them plenty of room to escape if someone is in a bad mood. Plus, the oeg bantams were our first birds. Everyone else came later... Chicken MATH... LOL! The bantams hold their own and can fly really well. They may be small but they are fast and haven't let anyone mess with them.

    Make sure the area they are in is large enough for them to escape picking. Also, it is best to have more then one bantam so that it is not singled out.

    Just my experience with my small ones. Only had chickens since April, so I don't know how good my advice is. Birds are though and any time you introduce someone new there is a couple of weeks that everyone is upset and they will fight to establish the new pecking order. It should settle eventually.

    P.S. My bantam hens are the sweetest birds ever! They will eat out of your hands, love to be held and even knock on the back door so that my husband and I will come outside with treats... LOL! Love those birds!

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