do the HAPPY dance


11 Years
Feb 12, 2008
Centerville Texas
Computer started dieing of old age last Dec. But the new computer guy in town fixed it this week.

I have been lurking on the blackberry but it is to hard to post on it, so all I've been doing is hiding in the shadows.
I'm so glad I can post again not like I did alot before. But there have been sooooooooo many times I have wanted to lately.
so much has happened. Both new grandbabies 3 and 7 months had RSV, at the same time. Both are doing great now.
Lost all but one of my chickens to a hawk and coon. DH got one chicken at the flea market to keep the last one company. DS was doing good and let them out when he left for work you guessed hawk dinner. So all I had was Petey the peacock. He was so sad. Lady at churck lost her peacock and gave me her green shouldered peahen

Then a man at the steel mill where I work at gave me a silkie cross roo that is from the silkie roo I gave him last year. Am looking at different breeds to start over with. I know I want a some jersey giants with some more silkies maybe a frizzle and turken oh and a turkey.

Oh and at work we have the prettiest gray fox the comes to eat at night. Every one teases that by summer I will have her in the guard shack with us and have it house broke. Her (his) name is chicken eater so I don't forget she can be bad.
It will get about 3 feet away from me. One night we had the fox on one side of our little guard shack and 8 white tail deer on the other side. Haven at work.
Speaking of I better go get ready for work. Just wanted to say howdy to y'all


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