do these predators attack during day?

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  1. flossyandprissy

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    Jan 14, 2014
    Utah, but from Georgia
    Ive never seen raccoons in our suburban neighborhood. But a neighbor one street over and a few houses down had a couple in his chimney a couple years back so I guess theyre around. Do they attack during the day?

    Im asking because we want to use a dog run/kennel for a chicken run aroumd our coop. The chickens will be shut in coop at night, but when theyre in run during day will the raccoons try to get them?

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    we have had 3 raccoon attacks with a loss of 20 hens [​IMG], all of them took place at night. we have never had a day attack so they should be fine.
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    Make sure you cover the top. Any predator will hunt during the day or whenever they are hungry. You'll probably be ok with the dog run. It would be safer to bury hardware cloth or something around the perimeter, under the ground, too, so that a predator cant dig underthe fence and get in that way. That, and covering the top, should keep your birds pretty safe.
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    I agree - anything will attack during the day - even "nocturnal" animals. If they're hungry and know your chickens are there (and they will find them), they will eat them.

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    Jan 29, 2012
    Dogs and larger animals such as pigs will tend to scare away predators.
  6. flossyandprissy

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    Jan 14, 2014
    Utah, but from Georgia
    Thanks everyone! We have two dogs and a cat. They are inside/outside during day and inside at night.
  7. Predators attack when they are hungry and see an opening to an easy meal. Predators are very much like humans in that regard. Never assume that there are no raccoons in your neck of the woods as this video proves.


    Here is another video that may shed more light on the coon population in suburbia. There are some real bruisers in this colony. You chickens and their owners beware.


    I didn't get a complete count on the number of coons that crawled out of this trash dumpster but I think I counted seventeen. At any rate it is just a few buttons or a zipper short of a full length raccoon coat.
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