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  1. Woopdeedo

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    Mar 20, 2011
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    ...lay their eggs at around the same time each day as one another, or will each of the girls continue laying their eggs throughout the day? We are collecting eggs three or four times a day. Is that normal?

    SSASQ (sorry such a stupid question), but I was just curious.
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  2. ChickenCanoe

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    Their cycle is 26 hours or longer so they seem to lay in the morning because they normally won't lay during the night.
    The eggs from that period are laid in the morning for several days and then later and later in the day until they skip a day.
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    Not a stupid quiestion! From personal experience, my hens usually have their eggs layed before 3pm. It seems like, even though we have four nesting boxes, they all sort of wait in line for the one special nest box......Silly girls!

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