Do they get used to normal guests?


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Nov 23, 2009
i have 4 guinea fowl keets ordered for May, and i am really excited. Mostly i want them for the whole tick and garden issue, my only concern is of course the noise. i guess we'll see how they go (my neighbor a house or so down has pheasants or something that yells a lot, and it never bothers me so... maybe...?)

anyway. i guess my question is that i have friends who are around a lot - my house is kind fo a gathering place. If i have my friends over to get to know the keets will that do any good in keeping them calm or will they freak out every time a car or person they don't see *every day* comes over? Do they get used to the normal comings and goings of the household, or will they announce everything all the time?

(....sigh... my cat is going to be so ticked at me...)
They're pretty OCD - they get used to things that are routine. Mine don't usually alarm much at people but they really check them out. I've asked the neighbors if the noise bothers them and they said no. Most people are just fascinated by them and it goes both ways. Friends are bummed if they don't have their camera when they see them...probably just want to show people how far over the edge I've gone. I like them and I like guinea people even better.
i think what amuses me most about the GF is that they are going to require/motivate me to go talk to my neighbors. i've lived here since 2003 and have only waved, never actually talked to them. i have to shake my head at myself on this.

i'm just hoping they will be ok - my stress or theirs. Or ... you know. Dinner. :-/
With just 4, you may be fine. I had 4 with my first group about 6 years ago. Only one female, which was a blessing as females tend to be much noisier than the males. She was so obnoxious that I couldn`t stand going out in my chicken yard. Finally gave her away and the boys were a joy. Predators finally got them all and now I`ve started over with 20 keets that are 7 months old now. I don`t mind the noise as I have moved to my little 23 acres in the woods. They range far and the few neighbors I have seem to look forward to their visits. Tick and insect control seems to be under way. Good luck with your new entertainers.........Pop

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