Do they have to have a run? (RESOLVED 1/23)

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  1. ncCHICKS

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    Oct 5, 2008
    Hope Mills, NC
    My mom is hesitant to let me build a run. The chickens scratch the grass and she hates it. She said either keep them in a coop full time, or get rid of them. I am building a bigger and better coop in the Summer and they can have a run until then. How unhappy will my chickens be. She said she's fine if I put them in the tractor in the dog yard a few days a week. Will this be fine?

    Updated on 1/23. After talking with mom, she doesn't want the yard ruined, as we rent. We have viewed the plans over and over and are seeing if we can make the chicken gazebo into a gazebo tractor! She is fine with tractors, since if they start scratching a section too much, we can move it!

    [​IMG] I am SOOO glad she decided this and I don't have to rehome my babies!
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  2. Katy

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    I think your chickens will be happier getting to spend time outside rather than having to live inside all the time. A run would be better, but I suppose some time in a tractor is better than nothing.
  3. ncCHICKS

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    Oct 5, 2008
    Hope Mills, NC
    Hopefully she's just being grr right now (recent family death) I'd hate to change my girl's routine. They are used to being out AT LEAST 10 hours, usually 7-7 or sometimes 6-7. (AM-PM)
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    Dec 28, 2008
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    I let the 3 B's free range (which means running around a small urban Seattle backyard) from very early on. And now, well, they HATE to stay in their coop during the day. They stand at the edge of the screening, stare at 'their range' and scream. Literally scream.

    Chickens are creatures of habit, and they really like the good life. Good life being relative to a chicken. Once that 'life' is altered, they can voice their displeasure. Not sure how long it takes to alter that, but good luck.

  5. How about an elevated run?

    I've seen pictures of some on BYC.

  6. vfem

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    Aug 4, 2008
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    Sorry girl... mine have a small run, but they freerange 75% of the time. They only stay in the small run if I'm not at home for safety.

    I had the tractor you do, and I would suggest attaching the tractor to a new coop you build as the run. Its an open bottom tractor right?
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    Apr 27, 2008
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    Quote:They can not live in a coop ... they have to have plenty of fresh air , sun light and excerise . If she insist on them living in the coop ONLY , then do them a favor and get rid of them

  8. ncCHICKS

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    Oct 5, 2008
    Hope Mills, NC
    Shes fine with it now. I think she's just upset about the death in the family and my brother said the chickens picked the groud. She has never complained about it before. If she is serious, I will rehome them to good homes.
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    Feb 4, 2008
    Wish you all the best with your problem

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