Do they need to be NPIP tested to be shown?

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    If I want to show, would my chickens need to be NPIP tested to go to a show? If so, what's it for? Who does it? And when to get it done?
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    NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Program) has a bunch of rules for breeders to maintain to keep their status.
    You can look it up online.
    Depending on the state you are in, or the location of the show, sometimes the rules are different.
    You will need to do your homework on this one.
    USUALLY, the bird only needs to be tested for Salmonella Pullorum (Pullorum for short) and sometimes, AI (Avian Influenza).
    I live in NY, and show all over the northeast, and each state has their own guidelines.
    If you have a certain show in mind, get the entry book, and read through it.
    It will tell you the requirements for entries.
    You will need to get ahold of the state tester.
    And once again, some shows give the test a year, others only 3 months.
    There should be an Oklahoma thread in here somewhere, join it, and meet your neighbors.
    And talk chickens, and learn about the local rules.

    Good luck, and have fun at the show!

    OOPS, I just noticed your name, ducks have even different guidelines!

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