do they start but not finish?

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  1. I found one of our hens in the nesting box during free range time so I assumed she was trying to lay (They never go back in the coop if they can be out and about). I watched her arrange straw for about 15 mins., very intent.

    In the end she left wo/ doing the deed. Any ideas?
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    Jan 11, 2007
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    Do you know if she laid earlier in the day? I have one girl who does this same thing every once in a while. More often than not, she's already laid, leaves the nest for an hour, then decides she needs to go back in. She'll arrange the nesting material and hunker down. Then she'll stand up, look at the golf ball, cackle, and go out to play with the rest of the girls. Sometimes I think she really thinks she laid that golf ball! [​IMG]
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    How old,what breed and how hot is it?My RiR lay between 10:00-11:00 like clockwork.Black sexys lay before Im up in the morn and then some times in the noon!They are machines,lol!The red sexys lay in late after noon.40 chx 10 slots in the nesting box and the barred rocks havent even started to lay,LOL![​IMG]
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    I think that if they have to lay they lay. Otherwise they are just enjoying their new found moody hen like selves.
  5. She's a 19 wk old Turken. No, she hadn't layed that day. As long as she's OK I think the whole thing is a crack up. And she did act like our fake eggs were her work![​IMG]

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