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Interested in anyone experience with the standard 4' x 164' poultry electric netting. Does it keep out predators (those on the ground) during the day? If you have specifically used Kencove's Posi/Neg fencing I would also be interested in your satisfaction with it.

Thanks for responding to my post.

Well, I have never used one, but they are very common where we live. My drivers ed teacher talked a lot about her birds, she used to have, and me and her would talk for ever about chickens and birds while I was driving. She said that she ran some wire around her coop, but just wired it to the houses current, and she said that one day when she was sleeping she heard a lot of noise, she said it sounded like an ornery cat that had gotten shocked by 110 volt of electricity. I guess you could use bailing wire to attach to an electrical cord to do what my Drivers ed teacher did.
I hope you get many answers to this. I am thinking about it also and have checked this brand and another out (premier) as well. Seems like a nice compromise between letting them range or locking them up in a run. I am going to build in the spring and am wondering if I can skip a run and just use this.
Please do not do this!!!!! It is VERY DANGEROUS. What if a young child touched it or you forgot to "unplug" it, you would get killed or the child would. It would be no different than sticking a screwdriver in an outlet in the house outlet. People around the rivers do this to keep canada geese off their lawns and this past summer someone died because the homeowner wired it up to the house current.
I currently own an electric fence from Premier and a fencer, absolutely love it and yes it keeps the land predators out, and chicken in, easy to move also.
We absolutely love ours. Here is what we have

move our small chicken pastures around inside of our larger cattle/sheep pastures. We've never had a problem with the other livestock messing with it and it has definitely worked to keep ground predators out. The chickens seem to respect it as well.

We use a battery charger. We are looking at getting at least two more lengths this spring and will probably get a solar charger for those.

It takes two of us to move and restake it but its quick and easy work. You just have to make sure that it is flush to the ground when the grass is growing strong.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Be glad to help!

I also have the premier one poultry fence, I have had mine about 7 months & so far it has held up very well. I was unsure if I wanted a permanent run & wanted to be able to move my chickens about the yard while still being safe from predators. I had an old Parmak solar fence charger from when I had horses so it seemed like a viable option.

I purchased the double spike foot & the taller of the 2 sizes offered. I wanted to be able to move it alone so I got the 100' length. At this point in time I would highly recommend the fence. It has held up well & I have moved it around a lot. My solar fencer will charge up to 25 miles of fence but the poultry fence will really draw it down because it has so many strands of hot wire.

If you decide to purchase one give a lot of thought to the actual fence charger. Do you have a power source? As another poster mentioned earlier NEVER WIRE DIRECTLY TO THE HOUSE!!! Fencers are meant to pulse & need to be wired correctly to be safe & effective. You will need a properly sized grounding rod for the fence to work correctly & this limits how mobile you can make the fence. I have one end that I leave fixed & move the rest of the fence as needed. I have also considered burying multiple grounding rods in different locations so I can move my entire setup.


I know all you show folks will shudder but we clip their wings when we first move them to the big girl pen and pasture. Protecting them from predators is our first priority and thus they have to stay within their fencing and we like the chickens on pasture vs. runs. We find that if we clip them when they are young and new to our system, that's all it takes. Once they try and fail, they never seem to try again. The only hens we ever had to re-clip were three old girls that we didn't clip when first moved to the chicken coop. They knew they could... If only they kept trying.
Good Grief Janet I never even saw your post! LOL Thats looks great!!!! I cannot wait to have my birds be protected like this. never had issues for 5 years and this past Summer was complete devastation when something killed half my breeds/flocks....Hey Janet...Everyone has been asking me..What happens if one of the chickens touches it while its on? heart attack?
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