do you buy egg cartons?

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    Mar 20, 2010
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    I did buy a box of misprints from They came out to about 27 cents each. But, most of my co-workers save theirs and bring them to me for refills. This way if I run out I have some, and can use the new ones. I also bought plastic because we don't recycle Styrofoam here in our town anymore. They are also perforated so I can just tear it apart and sell 6 if I need too.
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    I keep a post in "Everything Else For Sale" for 75 cartons @ $20, free shipping. They're clean, new cartons. They're saved for me by a small local diner who goes through dozens a week.

    Here's a link:

    We sell A LOT of eggs at farmers markets. We always tell the customers that the cost to buy new egg cartons is 25 -50 cents each depending on where you're able to find them. And then we ask them to return cartons so that it won't affect how much we have to charge. This works well for us.

    I like the idea of charging an additional 25 cents or more unless they bring a carton. I can see that working, and it would seem reasonable to the customer if you explain the cost.
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    I was running low once and ordered misprints and they were .19 each. I was putting a label on them but found that to be a waste of money. I ordered 200 2 years ago. I use them when occassionally I am left without any cartons. Still have probably 180. Get the word out to church, work, neighbors, family. I do not give a discount for returned cartons but I have told my cutomers that if the cartons cost me I will have to raise prices to cover it. They now collect them from their contacts as well for me.
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    Jan 16, 2010
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    I bought 100 egg cartons from for 37.99. I got the unprinted foam in blue. People know they are mine and have been good about returning them. I have lots of cartons people have given me, but it is nice to have some of my own too.
  5. robren

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    Mar 3, 2011
    I have never bought cartons. Friends and co-workers keep them for me. My biggest "score" has been the garbage center / recycling center in my town. There was a table with about 30 egg cartons on it and I asked the manager if I could have a few. He said "come with me", walked me across the lot to one of those hugh metal walk-in storage units. AAAAAHHHHHH Thousands of them!!!!!! He even had them separated-- Jumbo / Extra Large / Large and Medium. I love living in a small town. It helps that I bring some cartons back -- full of course. Never hurts to ask
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    I have friends, family and co workers and my regulars supplying me with egg the cartons. I have also placed ads on Craigslist and have found ads for egg cartoons on there as well. I also have one of the local diners in our area saving me the egg flats on a daily basis(30 ct).
    My pricing list is as follow:

    12 ct is $4
    18 ct is $5
    30 ct is $10

    It amazes me how some folks will want 4 dozen and when I try to explain to them that its cheaper for them to buy the 18ct, they just dont get it. Same with the flats, I try to tell them that the 18 ct is a better deal and they insists on the flats! Am I missing something here??
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    There are hidden costs in everything. Eggs are not any different. Along with the math for feed you need to include time and materials. There should be "something" for the packaging no matter if it comes back or not. To not include it makes your wiggle profit smaller when you may have increased cost unplanned for like fuel going up & down as well as feed. If your customers understand the value of what they are buying they don't have a problem with the costs and will take advantage of a discount and bring back cartons.

    I am fortunate to have plenty of co-workers that bring me cartons. And if someone gives me cartons I always offer a full one in return since my hens numbers are small and I give away my fluctuating extras you may not get a dozen from me except for a few times a month [​IMG] I have stock piles of 18 and 12 count cartons in my garage.
  8. A.T. Hagan

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    For my store account I buy new cartons from A box of 250 runs about thirty cents a carton just now. These are unprinted Styrofoam dozens.

    For direct sales I just reuse store cartons that my customers bring me. Just at the moment they're coming out of my ears. Many times in the past though I'd be all but out and have to scrounge.
  9. ChickensAreSweet

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    I buy mine from
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    Apr 23, 2010
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    I just bought 20 plain styrofoam cartons from TSC for $.29 each. Usually I have people give them to me, but I was running low.

    I price my eggs like this:

    $2.00 dz if I supply the carton
    $1.50 dz if YOU supply the carton.

    I have 15 hens and get around 7-8 dz eggs a week, so it isn't hard to get cartons from people. I think I've refilled cartons a few times since I started selling them [​IMG]

    I was thinking of raising my prices since the grocery store is selling regular medium white eggs for $1 64 dz. The organic cage free eggs are selling for $4.65 dz.

    Feed is getting a little pricey too, but hopefully when the weather changes they will not need as much since they will free range daily.

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