Do you garden?


11 Years
Sep 17, 2008
SF Bay Area
I love gardening and have a cute cottage garden. Does anyone here garden? I have a "orchard" with 12 plum trees and 2 apple trees. I have an herb garden. Flower beds. Also, I have a big begetable garden and lots more. So, who gardens here?
I garden, at least I try to. I always start off with a bang in the spring but by the middle of summer I'm too tired and too busy to keep up. We are relandscaping so I'm planting a lot of perennials in hopes I can have nice looking gardens with the least amount of care. I'm digging up all my roses and giving them to neighbors who are frothing at the mouth to have them. I wanted more fruit trees but I think I'm just kidding myself that I will actually take care of them, lol. Right now I have a Rainier Cherry tree and Asian Pear tree. I would love a cottage garden but our house is more rustic looking so I settle for wildflowers and similar. I am hoping to plant a veggie garden within the next 2 years as a way to keep food costs down for both us and the chickens.
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I wasn't able to do much gardening this year, due to illness, but I do love to garden. Besides a huge garden plot (over 1/2 an acre), we have apples, peaches, figs, walnut, and pecans. I have a very special medicinal herb garden planned that I bought a large fountain for the center of; again next year (heavy sigh).
This year I got extremely mad because of what happened to the gazillion blackberry bushes on this place. We lease the pastures to a neighboring cattle farmer. Not only does the lease money come in handy, but it keeps the meadows mowed down. We don't plan to raise our own livestock until my SO retires. Anyhow, the farmer's son-in-law took it upon himself to come up here and spray all the blackberry bushes to kill them. I still get mad thinking about it. :thun
Opps, sorry...didn't mean to hijack your thread with a rant.
Working on putting away this years garden harvest. Next year we are getting a pressure canner so will plant more beans, corn, etc. Bought a plow and plowed up a 60 by 100 foot area to expand the garden next year. Still looking for a small disc to finish the job in the spring.
I garden. Vegetables, fruit and nut trees, when I plant flowers I like them to have at least a couple "purposes".
We have gardens, both flowers and vegetables. We just brought in the rest of the carrots, butternut squash and some potatoes. The potatoes were like a accident, they came from the compost pile. We across from a large orchard, so our fruit comes from them. The "boss" is making a "white" flower garden. Next year, I'll be making raised beds for the herbs.
Woo I love to garden. I got 7 fruit trees, beans, okra, peppers galore, peas, rosemary and basil, and ill looking maters. I love marigolds too, they just grow like weeds for me. I have to container garden so right now I'm making rows out of cinder blocks. Can't wait to grow me some potatoes from old tires.
I've been flower gardening for a few years and just planted my first veggie garden this year. I grew all heirloom veggies and really enjoyed it. It was much easier than I thought it would be (although that's not to say it was without problems!). I'm already looking forward to next year, when I'll be expanding the vegetable garden quite a bit.


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