Do you have chickens for pretty fundamental reasons?

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by AnKa, Mar 17, 2009.

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    You go, Anka!

    I live in the suburbs as well, though I'm lucky in that some of our neighbors are like-minded. We're growing our own vegetables, we've built a quail hutch for eggs and meat, and we hang our laundry out to dry on our patio furniture [​IMG]

    I think it's important to live in respect of our surroundings, and we are trying to teach our kid that as well. Plus, we like knowing where our food is coming from!
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    AnKa, kudos to you for listening to your heart. Don't worry; it will always lead you well. As you can see, there are lots of others heeding a similar call.

    If you're in the mood you might check out my blog about my own search for meaning in the suburbs:
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    We do our best to be more self sufficient and we avoid shopping at places like Wal Mart, we purchase local as much as possible, I try to make things rather than buy...purchase second hand, downsized to one car, I'm pulling up our hedges and decorative flowers to plant food...We cloth diapered (no disposables in landfills!), extended breastfeed (no bottles or formula), fed our son real food when he was ready (no mashed, pureed food in jars or plastic cups)...We don't buy paper towels, we use kitchen cloth and my son still uses cloth wipes in the bathroom. I don't buy harsh cleaners, we make most of our own cleaning solutions...

    This spring we're planning our garden, compost and rain barrel. We have hens for eggs and I *hope* we might be able to add ducks for mosquito control and eggs. [​IMG]

    It's hard to make a choice that goes against the grain and seems dramatically different. We take a lot of flack for choosing this life style but I've learned to tune it out. I have a hard time swallowing the many people who want to "live green" but don't seem to be willing to really commit themselves to lessen their impact.

    You're not alone here!
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    Quote:[​IMG] I love this!! Soooo true!
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    I don't think that you need to worry! I'm a single mom who just makes ends meet in a rather well-to-do community. (When I first moved here, I went to a children's clothing store. They had a rack of clearance clothing outide. I picked up a beautiful coat and it was $400 on sale!) I was the first person to have chickens. Now, there are three people in town who own them. Everyone wonders why I have them. Simply, because I love them. I'm not the kind of person who follows the crowd.



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