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8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
South East TN
a favorite chick? I know it all makes us bad mommies and daddies
to say we favor one but I don't care. I LOVE my Barred Plymouth Rocks. I had one that was sneezy at first, she got lots of extra attention and she is just the best chick ever. I would enter her in the Chick Olympics if there was one,lol. Then out of nowhere last week my other Barred Rock decided she was going to be my best friend too. I open the door to their brooder and they jump up right away and run to my lap. They are just the sweetest and I hope that never changes! Everyone asks if I have a favorite and I say I have a favorite pair, couldn't pick one of the two,lol.

I had just shut the door. Notice the sadness and that they are the only two who gives a hoot that they can't come out now.

So cute! I have a favorite too. She's all grown up now but she's a silver laced Sebright. She's my hubby's fav too.
It's funny because when I got them, I was more drawn to the Australorps. But since then they have just decided they are the bosses and are a little mean to the other chicks. Not these, they are so sweet and gentle. They are the kids first choices too since they don't peep and flap.
My favorite was my little dominique. She would climb up on my lap or in my hand to sleep. Such a sweet baby! But my little EE who was a handful as a chick ( flying up and out of everything etc.) is now super sweet. It's so hard to have a fav between those two girls.
Our 4 week old buff orpington (Daisy) is my favorite. She runs up to me when I open the lid on the brooder, and waits for me to put my hand down so she can climb up. She also like to watch tv with me

She is the only one of the three 4 week olds that isn't in an ugly stage, she's all puffy and beautiful

I have the friendliest little "mystery" bantam. It was a gorgeous baby, gray with black eyeliner, and has always been very calm and sweet. Let me pick it up and put it all over for a photo shoot. Now that it has wing feathers, its the only one that comes to me and hops on my hand to come out. All the others scatter.

Please be a girl. Please be a girl. Please be a girl.

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