Do you know what breed of Bantam these are?


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May 2, 2008

We got these Bantams at our local farm store and just love them, we have 2 like this one above. We'd love to know if it has a breed if there is one. Is the one below a Cochin, I'm assuming that they come in all sorts of colors... Also, if anyone knows the breed, do you know the sex? I'm amazed that the only crowing is coming from a sea bright that came in the group of 5 we got, I figured we'd get more roosters, I'd be super happy if these were hens.


They are just shy of 8 weeks. Thanks so much for the help!
The face on that cochin looks pretty red for 8 weeks, but I am not at all familiar with the cochin breed. I'll let an expert answer for ya :)
Beautiful birds--good luck.
Your birds are very nicely feathered for being 8 weeks! My partridge cochin boy @ 8 weeks had a lot of wattle/comb development going on. I wouldn't necessarily base the guesses on colour alone. So many things could make it look more red than it is (ie: lighting, camera settings, etc) I have had a lot of pullets with a lot of colour at that age - my roosters always had growth as well as colour.
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Thanks so much, my daughter will be happy to hear that they are pullets. Not too shabby, one roo out of 5 from the feed store, I figured we'd get all roos-lol.
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