Do you know where your rooster is?

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    It is a still dark out and the clock hasn't even reached 4:30 yet, when the peaceful quiet is interrupted by the crow of a bantam rooster. This is not the earliest of his wake-up calls. In fact I think he may have over slept a bit. Usually at this time of the morning I am sound asleep, wrapped in two or three cozy blankets. Not this morning, however. Pressing issues have kept me awake through the night and the cheerful morning greeting has broken through my sleep deprived haze.
    God has blessed me and my family with the ability and resources to raise a flock of chickens. I thank Him daily for this blessing. On days/nights like this one He uses a simple crowing rooster to remind me that we are blessed. His provision surrounds us even when life seems to weigh us down.
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    Your ability to recognize these blessings will help get you through the hard times.
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    What a lovely way to look at life!! Enjoy your flock and your rooster!! :)

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