Do you look like a Chicken Farmer?


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9 Years
Sep 24, 2010
Aubery, I've always favored "reds" since two of my three girls are red heads. Red Converse sneakers?

Anyway, people are a bit stunned at me being, "Farmer Brown", or, "Colonel Sanders" since I'm a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. I dress pretty grungy when I'm working outdoors though. My grandparents had both been farmers at one time, and it's something genetic. I just HAVE to plant and grow stuff. I collect seeds from all over the place when we travel and plant them.


7 Years
Feb 5, 2012
I moved to Long Island New York in 1985 after my husband graduated from Vet school.Almost ever one of the people that I have met in the past 27 years on this island think I am the strangest person they have ever met. Don't fit that New York City doctors wife mold. Since I've started raising chickens they look at me as if I have three heads.When I tell them just sitting and watching my girls for a while will lower their blood pressure they flip.I don't think I look like a "Chicken Farmer" but if I do ,I'm proud of it. I know I was born to dig in the dirt.


9 Years
Jan 11, 2011
Dress for the day, levis sweatshirt and my flannel jacket with my bog boots, so yes I do look like a chicken farmer. When I tell people I have chickens I get the same question "why would you want chickens?" Why not?!


9 Years
Jun 25, 2010
I look like a regular soccer Mom. So no I am guessing I don't "look the part". But I defanatly talk the talk
I have this annoying habit of talking about my found joy in poultry as there are so much information that I didn't know previously and I enjoy sharing the odd things I have found.... Much to the displeasure of whomever asks me a question about the subject.


8 Years
Jul 1, 2011
Sometimes. Love my jeans, and boots. Sometimes I look like I live in the coop: I use rice hulls and alfalfa hay in the coop, and since it was cold outside, I also had on a hooded sweat shirt, hood down. Always twist my long red hair up with a clippy before cleaning. Somehow the clip got caught on the lift upstair access door at the same time as I was moving the bedding around. Didn't see one of the hens around the corner. Also had the other side of the coop door opened to help air it out. Just as a burst of cold wind shot through and spooked the hen, whom scampered towards my face, I turned and tried to duck, catching the clip on the door. Bedding confettied and flew all over the place, stuck all in my hair, in the hood of my sweater, down inside my clothes, inside my boots. When done, even with a whole lot of shaking down, it took a lot of patience and shower to get all those rice hulls out of my hair. I've also been know to forget to unroll my jeans after trudging through for a check of the hens then going somewhere public. It is easier to check appearances when flat out gardening.


8 Years
May 6, 2011
Campbellville Ontario
Sometimes! When I wasn't on maternity leave it wasn't uncommon to find me in the coop in heels and dress clothes feeding the babies and collecting eggs. But generally I favor my skirts and tights with polka dot rubber boots and a plaid button up, an apron is frequently thrown into the mix too - I sort of collect them. Our chickens are in our garage right now while their coop is being built (we just moved) and I was out in the garage in my down winter jacket, my jeans rolled up and orange flip flops on my feet (that's all I could find at that time). When I collected the eggs I put them into my jacket pocket and went to fill the waterers. A couple hours while we were out shopping I noticed the one side of my jacket felt heavier than the other... it was still full of fresh eggs ;) Atleast they weren't broken :) People are always either really excited when I tell them about our chickens, or they look at my like I must be pulling their leg.
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