do you need a box for laying eggs?

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    Aug 16, 2008
    I have been reading through the forum and now I have a question...our chicken coop has 3 shelf areas. They are separated into six areas by a piece of wood in the middle, but it is not a "box" per se, where they would actually be sitting "in" it. It is a shelf. Do they need to be sitting down IN something in order for them to nest and lay eggs? The areas are covered in shavings -- should it be deeper, like with hay? We have had them for a week and we are not sure if they should be laying yet, or when they will start (they are about 3-4 months old). I am hoping it is not because of the box thing. Any ideas?
  2. I have a shelf with it divided in nests like you describe,I also have a rubber egg in it to encourage them to lay in the nests, so far, they lay under the nests on the ground, since I gather the eggs every day guess it doesn't really matter as long as they lay. marrie

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