Do you need a license to own Chukar and/or Pheasants in Ohio?

I may in the further future get some of these birds if I can own them without a license. Thx,
Probably for ringneck pheasant but not for ornamentals nor chukar (im familiar with IN and KY laws but OH is typically similar) you should be able to find exact OH wording at DNR website
Most of this is right. We are a pheasant farm in Ohio and yes you do need a permit if you are selling($40) or not selling ($25) birds. When we sell birds we do give our permit # issued from the state to our customers. Yes you only need a permit for the Ring-Necked Pheasants only. Now if you are releasing those birds in that same year I would not bother getting a permit you can use the persons' permit you bought them from. Also look for farms that are NPIP to make sure they are getting their birds tested for avian flu and other diseases.
You do not need a permit to keep the ornamentals(Goldens,Amherst,Silvers etc)but you do need a permit to keep Ringnecks.
@muddy75 @SilverBirds @007Sean Do you agree with the quoted messages? Thank you.
I'm glad this is true because I personally prefer to avoid animals that require licenses to own. Is there an average sq ft per pheasant or does it widely vary per pheasant? Also, for my curiosity. Are pheasant hatching eggs do-able? Thank you for your time and info.
In my experience, pheasant eggs don't ship very well at all but it depends on how they where handled during the shipping, and how they were packaged. To answer your question, yes, their 'do-able'.
Grown pheasants need around 25 sq. ft./bird to do really well in an aviary.

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