Do you need to let the eggs cool each day if using an incubator?

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    I am going to start using an incubator and want to know if you have to let the eggs cool for a while each day. I know that a mother hen gets off the nest to eat and drink for a few minuits daily, and during that period the eggs cool a bit, I want to know if you have to take the cap of the incubator for a while and put it back on every day. Which betters the chances of the eggs hatching? Does it make a difference?[​IMG]
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    Nope, once your temp is steady, you don't mess with it:) You just set your eggs, get them turned 3 times a day, and let them cook:)
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    I candle everyday and the eggs cool for a short period during that.
    Many studies have been done that show its beneficial to allow the eggs to have short periods of cooling for some species and breeds.
    Waterfowl for example you definately need to give them this to increase your hatch rates.
    Extended periods of cooling is what you want to avoid.
    The eggs are also more prone to damage from periods of overheating.
    As the eggs get closer to hatch date they can handle much more variance in temperatures.
    The most critical time is the first week.
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    while we don't candle EVERY day, it's pretty close [​IMG]

    however, we do turn them by hand, so twice a day we turn them. but, no, you don't have to cool them once a day

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