Do you put a nest box in Chicken Jail???

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    I'm going to try isolating my little witch of a GLW for a few days due to her bullying behavior. I don't mind a little chicken politics here and there, but she's just plain nasty to all of the underlings (shes #2), even when food is not involved. Do hens generally stop laying while being isolated due to stress? I guess I should stick a bedding filled tub or something in there with her in case??? And just to be clear...they actually SLEEP/ROOST in isolation as well? Or do you put them on the coop roost at night and then back out to isolation during the day? Thanks for any advice [​IMG]
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    I don't know the answer, but will be watching. I am looking to find my own bully and put her in isolation too.
  3. I have a Chicken Hutch from TSC that I used for a brooder. It is in my run is used for Time Out/aka Chicken Jail.

    I was in the run for most of the day then in the house for a short time. When I returned to the run to check for eggs I found Ladyhawk had been pecked on her back bad enough to bring the blood, so she is in the hutch tonight to protect her from the others pecking her more while on the roost. I put a nest box in the hutch yesterday to see if she might lay her egg in it and she has water but no food...I will let her out tomorrow morning when I go out to check on them so she can eat.
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    I have 'chicken jail' and 'broody jail'.....If I need to isolate due to pecking or something for a few days, 'chicken jail' has a little nest'basket' and a roost. They may or may not lay but I feel it makes them more comfortable and if they lay they do use the nest. In 'broody jail' no nestbox or basket....but I put a roost in (old tree branch that I wedge in the wires of the kennel). If the chicken feels safer roosting at night that is fine but I don't want them to snuggle in a nestbox and stay broody....[​IMG]

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