Do you really have to wait 12 hrs before putting eggs in


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I just borrowed a Hova-bator incubator from a friend. THANKS BTW

I have to take at least 1/2 the eggs out from under my broody as she's in distress -- too many eggs.

Do I really need to wait for 12 hours before putting them in the incubator??
Yes, it's a very good idea to wait 12+ hours before putting in the eggs. The temperature needs to sabilize first.
These are eggs under your broody? I say as soon as the incubator is stable temp & humidity wise then go ahead and set them. They are already warm from the broody.
Locked Hearts is right-- the waiting period is 12 hours or so for SHIPPED eggs to let them come to room temperature from being out in the cold, and to let the air cells stabilize.

If they've already been incubating under your broody, DON'T let them sit out for 12 hours-- put them in when your incubator is holding a steady temperature and humidity.
only SHIPPED eggs need to be held, I go 24 hours, the only other time you need to wait is if you bring in eggs that are very cold from you coop, then you just need to get them to room temp. slowly

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