Do you suggest a rooster too?


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Hi. I'm very new to this. We are in the process of building a coop and I just ordered some chicks. Do you suggest that I get a rooster to protect them? I live in a rural area and won't be home all of the time to keep an eye out. What do you think? Thanks.. Laura
May as well since your out in the country but I sure wouldn't count on him to keep your flock safe. A lot of roosters get taken by predators.

Almost for got.
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A rooster can be a good alarm for the hens but if anything big comes around he might just be the first one to be killed while defending the girls. He might be able to fend off a cat, maybe a skunk or oppossum.

The best defense is a secure coop or a livestock gaurdian dog.
You've got a lot to look forward to with your entrance to the world of chickeneering!

I think there are a lot of good reasons to get a rooster to go with your hens, but protection from and defense against predators are not some of them. I like having roosters because they're so handsome, and I think they make a more balanced chicken society, and they fertilize the eggs.

They can also be good at watching out for predators and signaling the alarm. But in my opinion, they cannot be relied upon to attack & defend the hens. They're often the first ones getting out of harm's way. Certainly there are a few self-sacrificing individuals who get their stories told here, but I think they're the exception rather than the rule. Few roos that I know would give their lives to defend their hens, instead, they seem to feel they can better serve the species by keeping their DNA alive & intact, ready to join with that of every available hen.

Look in the coops section for tips on reliable ways to predator-proof your new coop & pens, find out what kinds of critters are most prevalant in your area and build to protect your birds from them. Get a rooster if you want to, he might offer a bit of help, but is not to be relied upon.
when i was a kid all our roos were game roos. the meanest one my grand dad could find. it worked kinda. they would always raise the alarm and usually were the ones to die when he lost. but they also killed or ran off quite a few predators. these were however birds bred for cockfighting most of the time however. not condoning it but dem's da facts.
Your best defense for your chickens is a secure area for them to be in when you aren't around. Rooster's can be a good warning system for the hens, they can also be a royal pain in the butt to deal with on a daily basis.
First off you are getting chicks...youll have 6mo to a year to wait before the roo, depending on breed, is worth his salt. If you want a chicken protector...get guineas or geese...I like to think of them as my redneck alarm system-they go off early and fast and give you a chance to grab your shoes and gun if needed. Unless they are game....Roosters are not good protectors...they are in it for the breeding opportunities only and get picked off just as easily as the bet..super secure pen for night.

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