Do you think I should worm them?


8 Years
Oct 11, 2011
We're currently away for christmas. We left our chickens at a freinds house, who has two chickens, one of them Sage's (our WL), sister. The day we left them there, we found Sage's sister's first egg. I know white leghorns are small...but her sister, the one who layed the egg, had a much bigger comb, and looked so much rounder, and fuller, than Sage. Should I be concerned? Should I worm them? If so, how? My Black Sex Links, (i have two), are bigger than her, and are 18 weeks old (almost), and sage is 28 weeks (no eggs, gah!). My BSL are much smaller than my fullgrown hens, who I keep seperagted. The full grown ones are Red Stars, and GIANTS. They're huge and fat, and my 'BSL and WL are only a third their size. The pullets are fat and healthy looking, nothing wrong with their poo, just smaller. Do you think they're just not sexually mature yet? Maybe they'll be bigger when I get back. And as I said, they seem fat and healthy for their size.
If you think I should worm them, how do I do it?
Well, I'm new to this chicken thing but let me tell you my experience with my three Buff Orpington hens. Two of them are the same age and the third is one week younger. At approximately 17 weeks, the youngest laid her first egg. The other two older girls didnt start laying for another 4 weeks!! I was wondering if something was wrong too! Plus, is it cold where you are? Maybe it has something to do with the cold and less light? As far as worming or the need to worm... ?
I will say that before the oldest two started laying, I swear I could watch the combs and wattles growing right before my eyes! Seemed to happen quickly!
Happy New Year!

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