Do you think it will work out for me?


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Sep 7, 2010
I have a small dilemna. I really want a rooster for my flock. I have 13 hens and they are doing very well. They are friendly and do very well with my kids. I let them free range a few hours a day and they get penned up at night. I have smoothed over a rooster with my immediate neighbors and I got the green light. What are the chances I score a good rooster right away. On average do Roos do well with children(5 and 6 yrold)? Does adding a roo to your established flock really shake things up? Will the roo need to establish dominance over the dominant hen? Did you need to make an effort to establish dominance over your roo? I really like roos and would appreciate some added protection from hawks. I am trying to make a good decision. Please share or send me to the right thread. Thanks


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Nov 18, 2007
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My Coop
I have hatched all of my roosters so they have grown up with the pullets, but am going to get rid of some and swap some around for breeding purposes. Not sure how it will go so I am interested in what other do too. My roosters I use for breeding are not related to the pullets and hens I breed them to, but I put them together as chicks. Good luck and have fun!!!
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Sep 25, 2010
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My old roo did fine with my 6 year old. It was my one year old he went after. I recently got a new roo, he's ok with the kids. Stays with the hens, leaves people alone pretty much. My hens aren't as friendly now to me though.


Jul 30, 2010
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I think I would try to find a youngish roo. Maybe if you know someone you could get one from, you could go over to their place and just watch all the chickens together. A good roo is one that calls to the other chickens when it finds something good to eat----that's one sign. If you get one young enough-----maybe months old----you can handle it a lot and it will be more tame and possibly less likely to attack when a human enters the chickens' domain. If you're not getting one for breeding purposes, silkie roos are for the most part pretty sweet.


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Apr 22, 2011
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Where are you located? I have an 8 week old roo I need to rehome. I only want one because I have 7 chickens and DH has agreed to only one roo. He is friendly. My 5 year old has played with him and the other chickens since we got them. If I had to replace my roo I would get a baby cockrel and another pullet raise it myself. That way you know it has been handeled and is used to humans, in paticular you and your kids.


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You would be very lucky to have the first one work out......I don't mean to sound "anti rooster", because I love them too, but I've always been disappointed when I've had them. I also had 13 hens to 1 roo, but he still made them look raggedy from mating....Pulled the neck feathers out of his favorite hen, and she lost back feathers too....Had to put hen saddles on them.

One roo was very agressive towards me, and I had to carry a rolled up magazine every time I went out because he would try and attack me.

They often start out very nice, even sweet, but then the hormones hit and they can really do a 360 turn around.....I keep trying too though.....I think I'm on my 4th try now, with a nice rooster I hatched myself...So far so good, but he's not mature yet....

Good luck to you! I can only say, if you want one badly, it may not work out the first time, but keep trying....


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Oct 8, 2009
I would not go with a younger rooster. Buy one that is at least a year old by then their personality is showing and they are pass the teenage hormones. I would see if anyone will sell you a rooster and one hen keep them in quarantine for 30 days then introduce them to your flock.


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Sep 7, 2010
Thanks for input. I probably won't screw with my flock by adding a rooster. It is very sad since I think roosters are great. Thanks

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Feb 2, 2009
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I went through 7 before I got a good one. It isn't easy to find the perfect one. Ours was raised from a day old and I completely ignored him as he grew. It worked. I don't really interact with Copper Top and we give each other stink eye. One the other side of the coin I hatched a rooster back in the Winter, he was a lone chick and we spoiled him. he is now 5 months old and it looks as if he is going to be rehomed or eaten. He attacks me through the fence and I have marks on my legs. He is a little "jerk".

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