Do you think my chicken is show quality?


8 Years
Mar 24, 2012

I have a show coming up this friday at the sacramento county fair and would like to know if my bird is show quality.
He is a white Silkie cockerel, He's about 4 months old, I got him from great breeding stock (His bloodlines have won many times) along with his three sisters.
Thank you!

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I think he is really cute, but his feathers are not in show condition. At 4 months old, it isn't possible to tell how competitive he will be because he doesn't have mature plumage. Also, in a photo, it isn't possible to see his body structure.

It's a fair, so go ahead and take him and have a good time. At my fair, I will enter a bird or enter eggs so I get a free pass and then I go every day and enjoy all the fair events.
He is a good quality Silkie, in my humble opinion. Maybe not perfect, but, take him and see how he does. 4 months is just a tad young. He'll get better with age.
He's a nice silkie. His foot feathering is great but what would hold him back from being the best would be the red comb, the uh standard of perfection calls for a darker comb and waddle set. His primary feathers, the ones pictured, are good too and he might have the slightest splayed leg but it could jsut be the picture and I'm sure it is. If you plan to take him to a competition you'll wanna train him to do the "S" pose when people walk by for the best results.

Great Job!

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