Do you think she'll lay??


8 Years
Jan 2, 2012
I put an EE in a kennel with shavings, food, water and about 6 eggs. She went straight to the nest and sat on it. Do you think she will stay there. Whenever I stick my hand in there, she pecks at it. Does anyone think that she will hatch any chicks, the eggs are all fertile. :D
We got her this summer and started laying in october or november. I just put her in there this morning, and like I said, she went straight to the eggs and sat on them.
She wasn't broody already. Whenever she is sittin gin the nesting box, laying an egg she is always protective. Is this normal when laying an egg or is this like an early broody stage?
Well, My neighbor has a broody hen so I know almost all of the "symptoms". Don't they make a noise that almost sounds like humming when threatened?? That is the only thing the EE is missing. Thankyou! :D
I will try to post pictures if there are any pictures to post.

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