Do you think this is a Buff Orpington??


10 Years
Mar 31, 2009
SouthEast Texas
I bought this chick through a friend. He's supposed to be a male buff orpington.

But the more i look at his coloring, the more it doesn't look right to me. But i'm not sure. I need your help.

His wing feathers are almost white - dirty/creamy white with some brown shading. His new feathers that are coming in around his chest are dark - almost but not quite rir colored. And the first thing i said when i said him is "he looks really red."

Please lend me your expertise!








I think you need to give him a little more time to feather out. And remember their juvenile feathers are a little different then their adult feathers. My Buff Orps have a variation of cream buff colors in their fetheration ever so slightly.
Looks buff to me.
I would hold out for buff, too - but in the last photo it looks like he has a very yellow foot - might just be the lighting, though...
Not a Buff Orp. I was just about to ask about feet color - Buff Orps should have a pink tinted color on their legs/feet.
I had three. You said through a friend, would a friend lie? Trust them. Buffs lighten up in the sun so they may appear darker. As for feet color, I''ve had some Dels w/ green feet as chicks, give it some time and if turns out not to be a BO call'em on it and ask for an exchange or refund. If they won't give it to you. Write them off as a friend and start again. Anyone can make a mistake, so whether you forgive them depends on how much you value the friendship.

"To err is human, to forgive is devine": Neither is Marine Corp policy
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Could be a Buff Rock or a cross by the coloring of his legs. Give him awhile to feather out more.
No danger of friendship break-up here. I got him through as a friend, as in my friend found the supposed male buff orpingtons at a feed store in her area and picked up one for me too. If he's not, and i'm sure he's not now, we both got duped. I think it's just a case of ignorance run amuck. . . from the vendor to me.
We were more concerned with hoping that the determination that he was male was correct. It didn't occur to us to make sure he was a b.o. So we really weren't paying attention to that. I just kept noticing that he didn't look like any buff chick i've raised before....didn't really act like them either, so i got to looking more closely. Yellow legs should have tipped us off, but like i said, we weren't questioning the breed, so we didn't think to look.

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