do you turn on the first day?


14 Years
Mar 8, 2009
Dillingham, Alaska
i just put in button quail eggs. do you turn them on the 1st day? if so, how long after you put them in? i put mine in around 2pm, and it's 5pm right now. i usually turn my chicken eggs 3 times a day, but i don't recall ever turning on the 1st day.
okay, temps have been stable for a while(99.3-100.7 in the last 24 hours), just turned them. humidity is A-OK! i also just ordered 30 more eggs (ebay) i think i just might transform from a chicken lady to a quail lady XD
I like the chickens but the quail are WAY quicker!!! you can eat a coturnix in 6-8 weeks.. they are mature and laying by that time too... so you can switch out your old stock with new ones..... always have new layers this way!!!

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