Do you use seatbelts?

Do you use the seatbelt in your vehicle?

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  • No, I disagree with mandatory seatbelt laws or social pressure to do it

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  • When God decides it time for me to go, it's time for me to go, so no

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May 29, 2020
SW Virginia
Seat belt legislation in some states requires wearing of seat belts by motor vehicle occupants, with the effect that thousands of deaths on the road have been prevented. New York State passed the first law in the US mandating the use of seat belts in 1984.

I think most folks agree that using a seatbelt is safer than not using one; however, using a seatbelt does involve risks. I experienced it firsthand when a seatbelt in my car malfunctioned and tightened around a passenger in the backseat to the point where she had trouble breathing and we had to cut the seatbelt because it just wouldn't release. Despite that experience, I insist that everyone in the vehicle wear a seatbelt because the odds are that it will be more safe than not wearing one.

I bet there are other health and safety practices that are expected of us that carry risks but mostly make us all safer. I may not like wearing a seatbelt (it's uncomfortable; it's hot; it wrinkles my clothes) but I do it because I'd rather that than fly through the windshield at 65 mph.
I wear a seat belt if I'm the front seat or driving, back seat.....the car cushions have sucked the belts into themselves and it would require seat removal to get. If the second row is being used, I will dig them out., but it's usually not.
I've been in an accident were our truck rolled and slid of the road (gotta love az weather and our lovely mid August hail storms) I wasn't wearing a belt, but I ended up landing standing up right on the drivers side door, my brother was hanging by the lap belt and my dad was pinned under the steering wheel. I had to help my brother wedge open the back window and help him out so he could get service for a tow.
You should were a seat belt but I'm on the fence about being pulled over if you dont wear one.

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