do your birds make you money?


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Feb 17, 2010
mid michigan
? i wasnt sure where to put this thread, so i figured this kind of had to do with egglaying, so i put it here
With all the different ways to make money with chickens, and other birds, it seems like it would be easy. selling eggs,fertile eggs, chicks,chickens(or different birds), manure, meat
anyway my question is do your chickens cost you money, or make you money, and how so?
Well, I've been raising chickens for a very long time......would you care to tell me all the different ways to make money with them? At the end of the year I consider myself very lucky if I'm even close to breaking even. I have my birds because I enjoy them......not because they make money.
I'm not in it for the money. There really is no price you can put on the relaxation they give, the sense of comfort knowing where my food comes from, or the entertainment. Selling extra eggs may pay for a bag of feed once in awhile . I got them to provide a quality food source I have control over. We do sell our extra meat birds but I only ask for the actual cost back not any extra money for care.
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Rarely even break even here, but I don't sell hatching eggs. Yet. I have seen a lot of people say they make money off their chickens. Most have a last name of Tyson or similar, i.e. the huge producers.

I do sell a few eggs for eating, but it only might get another bag of feed occasionally.
I don't make much money on my birds but they sure cost me alot lol. Yesterdays feed bill on 47 bantams was $90 that will get me thru 2-3 weeks. That isn't including bedding costs. I do it for the fun of it, not for profit altho I do like the idea of them paying for themselves, they have a different outlook on that lol.
I got in to raising ducks over a year ago. I am just NOW making a little money on selling hatching eggs. If I continue at this pace, I MIGHT be reimbursed for my upfront expenses in another 3 years or so

Now that fact that I get free entertainment and fantastic omelettes and quiches out of the deal does make it worth it, but I aint getting rich doing this.
I just have chickens to have chickens. I do sell eggs though so they help pay for their feed. I do make some money off surplus chicks once in a while but it would take years to pay for the coop, incubator, brooders and supplys. So no I guess mine dont.

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